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Trusted General Contractor in Hampton

John W Smith Carpentry is your local general contractor in Hampton who helps you with any home building or renovation project that’s on your mind. Our crew is experienced in every type of home improvement project. In our 30 years of experience, we have worked on various projects that include everything from excavating for septic tanks to adding addition to existing homes. We also work on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Contact us today for more information.

Site Preparation

Whether you’re thinking about getting a new home or you need assistance with the excavation process for driveways and basements, we can offer site preparation services to fit your specific needs. We operate with a detail-oriented mindset to make sure your home is exactly the way you desire it to be.

Building Contractor Services

Any contracting work you need done around your home, we’re on it! From building materials to labour and equipment, our unwavering quality will leave you impressed. We discuss your requirements in detail with you and start the project as per your preference. Once we start on your project, we focus on finishing it with your requests, including the tiniest details, in mind.

house with garden

Expert Design Advice

Would you like advice about remodelling or designing your home? Call us today for assistance.

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